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McKenzie West is an illustrator, a seamstress and an overall maker of many things. She has created many logos for brands, painted 40 ft murals and more. Back in 2018, McKenzie spent a few months in Oahu. She worked at the Billabong in Waikiki and could watch the waves from inside. Seeing the surfers dance along the long peeling waves really resonated with a desire in her. During that time, she decided to learn how to surf and also began drawing her lady sliders. Both of those new beginnings changed her life and the course of her art. She has always been drawn to depicting surfers in new ways and playing around surf culture. As time goes by, she wants to explore new outlets and learn more skills. Mkensea started as an art business with just prints and now it's expanding into new territory. Stay tuned for whats to come!

Are you interested in working with McKenzie? Send her an email! Replies typically take 3-5 days.

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